&AVA ?

Welcome to &AVA, a Berlin-based design studio founded in 2020. Our mission is to bring high-quality design objects such as furniture, home accessories, and art to Germany and new markets.

We believe in strengthening our communities by collaborating with creatives from different disciplines to support their craftsmanship and creativity. At &AVA, we strive to create meaningful connections through our designs.

Our collection includes the Rayxander & AVA furniture line and the Philip Heremans & AVA photographic art series, as well as exclusive home accessories from our in-house &AVA collection.

We emphasize sustainability through quality in our furniture selection, as we believe that these pieces are meant to be passed down and gain new life over time.

We are constantly expanding our network, so make sure to check back regularly for updates on our latest collaborations and offerings.

Thank you for choosing &AVA as your destination for unique and inspiring designs.